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Tyler Eklund

Birth Year:

Nickname: Tiz

Bat: Right Handed

Highest Score:

Favourite Shot: Cut Shot

Right Arm Leg Spin

Best Bowling: 2/7

Previous Club(s):

Greatest Cricketing Moment: Retiring for the first time

Best Player You Have Played With: Jake Frawley

Best Player You Have Played Against: Sam Sturt

Favourite Cricketer: Shane Watson

AFL Team: North Melbourne

Favourite Sportsman: Gary Ablett

Favourite Food: Cookies 'n' Cream Ice Cream

Favourite Drink: Slurpee

Favourite Movie:

Favourite Actor: Will Ferrel

Favourite Song:

Favourite Comedian: Hamish Blake

Doppelganger/ Lookalike:

The most famous person i've met is: Max Walker

The 2 people i'd want to be stuck on a desert island with are:
Jennifer Hawkins & Meagan Fox

The 3 people i'd invite to dinner are: Miss Kurno, Jennifer Hawkins & Meagan Fox

3 items i'd take to a deserted island are: Food, Drink & Clothes